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Understand risks in your IT infrastructure.

Discover vulnerabilities in your data centers and systems. Easily report on your security posture to management and the board of directors.

Assess and address real-time risks against your business.

Benchmark your cybersecurity capabilities against peers and competitors.

Many companies rely on static point-in-time security assessments to measure the cybersecurity health of the enterprise and vendor ecosystem. This approach misses the mark in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape, fraught with increasingly sophisticated adversaries deploying malicious tactics to compromise your data. Continuous data-driven monitoring of security in your organization…every second of every day…is the only strategy that will keep you one step ahead of the bad guys. 

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Instantly Evaluate and Continuously Monitor Risk

Put your own house in order first. See your organization’s performance (graded A-F) within 10 critical security risk factors. SecurityScorecard’s high-level dashboard displays the most critical and common risk issues for your company. Drill down into issues and findings based on millions of data points and sorted by severity.

Comparison Tool

Compare your security rating to peers and to your competition

SecurityScorecard’s Comparison Tool enables you to quickly assess the security posture of vendors, industry peers, and competitive organizations.  View top level and individual factor ratings for organizations of interest defined by you and your management team. This tool allows you to drill down into peer group company security issues to identify specific security concerns for your organization, your peers, and competitors to quickly compare and contrast security postures.


See What a Hacker Sees

Get an outside-in view of the security posture of your IT infrastructure. SecurityScorecard’s proprietary data collection and granular analytics capabilities give your security team comprehensive visibility of your network and system vulnerabilities -- all from a hacker’s perspective.


Security Posture Packaged for Executives and Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Executives are more concerned than ever about security, given the alarming headlines they see weekly. Board Reports present your ecosystem security posture at a level accessible to stakeholders outside security and risk groups. CISOs can demonstrate return on security investments and enable risk-based decisions.

Most companies are flying blind about the risks lurking within their vendor ecosystem

In a recent report, PWC found that only 16% of respondents evaluated their vendors' security more than once a year – and 23% do not evaluate third parties at all. Partner, supplier and vendor security risk is a major area that cannot be ignored as a business issue any longer.

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