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Understand risk within your IT infrastructure.

In order to truly understand your exposure, you need to obtain an accurate picture of your IT environment. Once you identify your organization's biggest threats, you can prioritize remediation.

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Discover assets

Scan the public IP space daily, ensuring that your asset inventories are both accurate and up to date.

Verify your footprint

Understand why assets are assigned to your organization and quickly refute any inaccuracies.

Move against threats

Leverage automated workflows to be alerted to zero-day incidents and other threats.

"When I conducted my external vulnerability scan, I had to rely on the information I was given—roughly 200 IP’s. The SecurityScorecard platform showed me that I actually have more than 17,000 digital assets!"

Global Chief Information Security Officer
Enterprise Cyber Risk Management
Take a proactive stance to your cybersecurity.
Award-winning services and solutions

SecurityScorecard has been recognized for its performance and customer service by top industry analysts and publications.

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Assess and address real-time risks against your business.

Join us in making the world a safer place.