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Security DNA

[Security DNA] Innovation, Start-ups, and the New Normal for Cybersecurity Ventures

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard and Dov Yoran, Senior Director for Cisco's Security Business Group, as they address a variety of topics on the broader cybersecurity ecosystem.


Make Cybersecurity a Team Sport with SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard’s enhanced product suite for effective collaboration empowers Security and Risk Teams to collaborate more effectively. Being collaborative allows stakeholders to work faster, smarter, and win together with internal teams and their third parties.


[Security DNA] Rethinking Digital Risk in a New Remote-only World

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard and Grant Geyer, Chief Product Officer of Claroty, as they discuss how the nature of risk has changed.


SecurityScorecard featured in “Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne”

SecurityScorecard was recently featured on a public broadcasting segment of “Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne” on the ubiquity of cyber attacks that affect organizations of all sizes and in every industry.


[Security DNA] A CISO Conversation: Managing Security and Private Data in a Global Digital Environment

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard and Nuno Teodoro, CISO of Truphone, as they discuss best practices on prioritizing security activities for a global organization.

Security DNA

[Security DNA] Using Threat Intelligence to Secure Your Organization

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard and Anuj Goel, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyware, as they discuss the current threat intelligence landscape as well as the reasons why CISOs should invest in relevant tools and solutions.

Security DNA

[Security DNA] Latest Trends in Endpoint Protection & Cybersecurity Asset Management

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard, discuss with Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius, the latest trends in the endpoint protection marketplace, what advice he would give cybersecurity entrepreneurs right now, and the definition of cybersecurity asset management.

Security DNA

[Security DNA] Driving Security Hygiene Using Traditional and Non-traditional metrics

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard, discuss with Ed Amoroso, CEO and Founder of TAG Cyber on the key performance indicators that CISOs should use to measure cybersecurity effectiveness.


[Security DNA] Cyber Insurance in the Era of Expanding Digital Risks

Listen to Alex Yampolskiy discuss with Anthony Dagostino, EVP Global Cyber for Lockton Companies on the cyber insurance underwriting market, how boards rate themselves on their cybersecurity posture and more.


Data Lifecycle Protection and Privacy

With privacy regulations brewing across the globe and consumers becoming more knowledgeable than ever about their privacy rights – can we now assume our personal data is now more secure than ever? Watch the video.


Sam Kassoumeh Discusses New Feature Release: Custom Scorecard

SecurityScorecard is continuously working to deliver enhancements. We recently released a new feature, Custom Scorecard, as a part of the SecurityScorecard Ratings product. Users can now divide and score segments of their company (or a partner’s organization), including business lines, subsidiaries and organizational departments.


Trust & Transparency, Introducing SecurityScorecard's Trust Portal

CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Yampolskiy, speaks about the fundamental importance of trust and transparency in security ratings.


SecurityScorecard Named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave

We started this journey together in 2013. Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies improve the cybersecurity capabilities of their ecosystem. Today, we were named as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018 report.


SecurityScorecard Vendor Risk Management Video

In this short video, I’ll provide a quick demo of how to use the SecurityScorecard security ratings platform to gain an outside-in hacker view of vendor security, and quickly assess and manage risk in your third-party ecosystem


Score Planner Feature Introduction

Your organization probably has security vulnerabilities it may need to fix, but you struggle to identify which vulnerabilities to prioritize. Additionally, you’ve been told your organization needs to maintain a certain security score within SecurityScorecard to meet your customer’s requirements. All this leads to the question, “How do I get there?”


Event Log Feature Introduction

With SecurityScorecard’s new Issue Level Event Log, we are increasing transparency associated with score changes and enabling you to quickly pinpoint the specific issues that impacted your score.


The U.S. Cybersecurity Landscape

SecurityScorecard CEO Aleksandr Yampolskiy discusses how U.S. companies can protect against cyber attacks.


Cyber-Hunting for Extremists

As extremist organizations use the internet to spread propaganda and recruit, government agencies develop new techniques to hunt them.


Tech Zone with Paul Amadeus Lane- Ep. #23 Pt 1- HealthCare Industry Cybersecurity Report

2016 Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Report - a comprehensive analysis exposing alarming cybersecurity vulnerabilities across 700 healthcare organizations including medical treatment facilities, health insurance agencies and healthcare manufacturing companies.


Hacking Higher Education

While college students hit the books, hackers are stealing their private information. Universities are the third most-hacked industry behind healthcare and retail. Reuters explores the cyber threat across America’s academic landscape.

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