Cybersecurity Research & Insights: Case Studies

Explore our cybersecurity white papers, data sheets, webinars, videos and more.

Financial Case Study

Case Study: Modulr

By using SecurityScorecard, Modulr was also able to decrease operational costs, increase objectivity, reduce human error and more. Read the case study.

Media Case Study

Case Study: Horizon Media

Learn how Horizon Media used SecurityScorecard to make strategic changes to their IT infrastructure and increase cybersecurity hygiene.

Case Study

Case Study: Axcient

Learn how Axcient uses our cyber security ratings to review performance, ensure continuous monitoring and ongoing compliance. Read the case study.

Financial Case Study

Case Study: Cadence Bank

Find out how SecurityScorecard helps Cadence Bank perform thorough security vendor risk assessments, and improves accountability. Learn more.

Ecosystem Risk Management Case Study

Case Study: Gunderson Dettmer

Learn how SecurityScorecard helped Gunderson Dettmer enhance their cyber security posture and maintain client confidence. Read the case study.

Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: Greenville Health System

Find out how SecurityScorecard helped Greenville Health System improve their cyberhealth and maintain compliance with standards and regulations.

Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: Cyber Security in Healthcare

Find out how one healthcare insurance provider improved its affiliates cybersecurity health using SecurityScorecard. Learn more.

Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: Children’s Hospital of Minnesota

Find out how Children's Minnesota improved their security risk rating, as well as vendors' ratings with the help of SecurityScorecard. Learn more.

Financial Case Study

Case Study: Farm Credit

Learn how SecurityScorecard helps Farm Credit easily monitor third party vendor risks and maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines. Learn more.

Financial Case Study

Case Study: Liquidnet

Liquidnet uses SecurityScorecard to quickly and easily quantify the security performance of their vendors as well as providing continuous monitoring.

Case Study

Case Study: TriNet

Discover how SecurityScorecard helps TriNet gain immediate visibility into the risks lurking in third party environments. Read the case study.

Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: Healthwise

Discover how SecurityScorecard helped Healthwise gain confidence in the cybersecurity of their vendor ecosystem. Read the case study.

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