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Security Scorecard

Simplifying Security: Breaking Down the World of Cyber Hygiene

In an effort to make a complex industry both easier to understand and engaging for non-experts, we've partnered with CyberHero Adventures, a comic series focused on cyber health.

If you love reminiscing about your favorite superheroes or villains as a kid and share a passion for cybersecurity, join SecurityScorecard and CyberHero Adventures as we take you through the importance of cyber hygiene in this animated webinar series. We will be relating important business strategies to your favorite childhood superheroes in an easy, digestible manner!

About CyberHero Adventures

The CyberHero Adventures comic is the brainchild of Gary L. Berman, a career marketing consultant and entrepreneur whose company – and the families it supported – fell victim to a prolonged series of insider cyber attacks. Feeling powerless, Gary decided to educate himself about cybersecurity, attending conferences, listening to podcasts, and learning from the real heroes, the cybersecurity experts in law enforcement, government, education, and business.

Read the original copy of the comic here.

Join us in making the world a safer place.