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Security Scorecard

A Deep Dive in Scoring Methodology

Cybersecurity ratings provide a means for objectively monitoring the security hygiene of organizations and gauging whether their security posture is improving or deteriorating over time. The ratings are valuable for vendor risk management programs, determining risk premiums for cyber insurance, credit underwriting and financial trading decisions, M&A due diligence information, executive-level reporting, and self-monitoring. Cybersecurity ratings and the extensive information on which they are based are also helpful for assessing compliance with cybersecurity risk standards.

SecurityScorecard scores provide insights and a detailed analysis of the security posture of an organization. The Total Score, which consists of an easy-to-understand letter grade A (100) to F (0) and quickly conveys an overall assessment of security hygiene. The Total Score is a weighted average of 10 Factor Scores, which provide useful insights into detected vulnerabilities grouped into different categories.

We invite you to take a deep dive into our scoring methodology.

Join us in making the world a safer place.