Research May 2, 2024

Concentrated Cyber Risk in a Global Economy

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With knowledge contributions from McKinsey & Company, this threat research uncovers an extreme concentration of cyber risk that poses serious threats to national security and global economies. The research also details a surge in adversaries exploiting third-party vulnerabilities to maximize the stealth, speed, and impact of supply chain cyberattacks.

Other key findings include:

  • 150 companies account for 90% of the technology products and services across the global attack surface.
  • 41% of those companies had evidence of at least one compromised device in the past year.
  • 11% had evidence of a ransomware infection in the past year.
  • 62% of the global external attack surface is concentrated in the products and services of just 15 companies.
  • The top 15 third parties have below-average cybersecurity risk ratings – indicating a higher likelihood of breach.

Learn more about concentrated cyber risk and how to boost your organization’s resilience.