The leading cybersecurity questionnaire exchange & validation solution.

Atlas accelerates the cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process by empowering organizations to send, complete, and auto-validate questionnaires at scale. Atlas aligns questionnaire responses with SecurityScorecard Ratings, providing an instant 360° view of cyber security risk and automatic validation of responses, enabling companies to objectively pinpoint risk.

Atlas sent questionnaire

Atlas cuts through the questionnaire noise.

Point A To B Mapping


Say goodbye to hours spent sending and validating spreadsheet questionnaires.

Threat Detection Clipboard


Leverage SecurityScorecard Ratings to trust and verify vendor responses.

Cybersecurity Professionals


Communicate and assign questions in one platform to complete questionnaires as a team.

Cybersecurity Questionnaire Checklist Clipboard


Summarize findings and collaborate with third-parties to remediate risks. Address all key requirements stated by laws and regulations out of the box.

Gear Light Bulb


Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine uses machine learning to automatically respond to any questionnaire.

Security Lock


Store all of your questionnaires and attachments in one secure evidence repository for posterity.

Self Assessment See Hackers


Gain a clear insight into the status of every questionnaire, due date, and response completion.

Hands Shaking


Mature security and privacy programs by establishing continuous compliance practices.

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Customizable questionnaires

Send, track, and validate cybersecurity questionnaires at scale.

Choose from over 20 trusted industry-standard questionnaires - such as ISO 27001, SIG, and NIST Cybersecurity Framework - or create your own questionnaires to assess your vendors in minutes. Easily set deadlines and track the status of each outgoing security questionnaire in one intuitive and customizable dashboard, giving you the transparency you need.

360° view

Get a 360° view into the cybersecurity posture of any organization.

Atlas supercharges the security questionnaire review process by leveraging SecurityScorecard Ratings. By aligning questionnaire responses with SecurityScorecard Ratings, organizations instantly see a 360° view of cyber security risk and can more easily validate the objectiveness and accuracy of responses to pinpoint risk.

Atlas Smart Mapping Engine

Faster, more insightful questionnaire completion.

Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine leverages machine learning to automatically map responses from previous questionnaires to new ones, eliminating the need for you to manually respond to the same question every time. With advanced semantic and syntactic analysis capabilities, Atlas recognizes when the same question is asked in different phrasing and suggests a response. Rapidly respond to any information security questionnaire accurately and consistently, significantly reducing completion time.

Collaborative Tools

Streamline collaboration, so everybody wins.

Collaborate with internal teams to more quickly respond and review cybersecurity questionnaires. Ask and respond to questions in Atlas, invite users to assist in the questionnaire process, and build remediation plans to share with vendors right in Atlas. Increase your organization’s ROI by cutting the questionnaire cycle in half.

Atlas API

Integrate cybersecurity insights into your team’s daily workflows.

Atlas’ REST API offers direct access to actionable cybersecurity assessment data to power the workflows that drive your business forward. Tap into a wealth of data about your third parties that can be pulled into your vendor risk management, security, and business intelligence tools. The Atlas API provides a powerful, convenient, and simple way to interact with Atlas data.

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