The leading cybersecurity questionnaire exchange and validation solution.

Whether you are sending cybersecurity assessments or responding to lengthy questionnaires, Atlas makes the process two times faster, more accurate, and secure. Atlas is the industry’s only completely integrated security ratings and vendor assessment solution. Atlas’ centralized platform leverages machine learning to align questionnaire responses with SecurityScorecard Ratings, providing an instant 360° view of cybersecurity risk and automatic validation of responses, enabling companies to objectively pinpoint risk.

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Automated cloud-based questionnaires in a secure and centralized platform for all parties involved, cutting the questionnaire cycle in half.

Lengthy questionnaires in static excel spreadsheets, word documents, and PDFs.

A data-driven way to instantly validate vendor-provided responses with objective security Ratings, providing a 360° view of risk.

Hours spent by multiple team members reviewing completed questionnaires.

Augment team capacity by 66% with the instant answer suggestions based on previous questionnaire responses.

Repetitive process of manually responding to every new questionnaire request.

Security at each step of the way by reducing emails and storing questionnaires and attachments in one secure repository.

Long and repetitive email chains, creating security risks for companies and their third parties.

Robust APIs to integrate Atlas cybersecurity data to power existing workflows.

Disparate platforms and systems to manage vendor data.

Automatic reminders, chat embedded in questions, and robust collaboration tools to streamline communication.

Lengthy email chains to chase down vendors and clarify questions.

How much time and money could you be saving with Atlas?

Find out how Atlas, the industry’s only completely integrated security ratings and vendor assessment solution, can save you time, money, and make your cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process more efficient.


Trust but verify responses with objective Ratings data.

Atlas helps you close out a received questionnaire faster by aligning Ratings data to individual questions. If a question asks about an organization’s patching cadence, SecurityScorecard data about that organization’s assets and the rate at which it applies patches will appear side by side. With millions of companies continuously monitored, Atlas provides an unparalleled scale of cyber risk analytics alongside questionnaire responses.

Create, customize, and maintain a library of questionnaires.

No more endless spreadsheets. Choose from over 20 industry-standard questionnaires - such as ISO, SIG, and NIST - with SecurityScorecard Ratings data automatically mapped to individual questions. Better yet, edit, upload, or create your own questionnaires with our intuitive Custom Questionnaire Wizard and designate SecurityScorecard data to validate individual questions.

Send and track multiple questionnaires with transparency at every step.

Long email chains are a thing of the past. Easily send, set deadlines, and track the status of each outgoing security questionnaire in one intuitive and customizable dashboard, giving you the transparency you need. Whether you are sending questionnaires to other business units in your organization or your third parties, Atlas is here for you.

Autocomplete questionnaires with Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine.

Tired of manually copying and pasting responses from previous questionnaires? So are we. Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine uses machine learning to instantly suggest answer responses based on your previous questionnaires. Whether you’re answering an ISO, NIST, or Custom Questionnaire, Atlas translates across multiple frameworks, providing you the “Google Translate” for cybersecurity questionnaire frameworks.

Chat and collaborate with your vendors, ensuring clarity and faster responses.

Need further clarification? Ask it right in the questionnaire, streamlining communication. Leverage robust collaboration tools, assign questions, and chat with your partners right in a question, avoiding confusion and ensuring you get the answers you need in a central location.

Integrate cybersecurity ratings data into your workflows.

Our robust Atlas APIs enable you to access actionable cybersecurity data from Atlas to power your existing workflows, save time, and gain more value. Get in-depth details from any questionnaire, validate responses with Ratings data, or stay up to date on the status of your questionnaires using our APIs.

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