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Security Scorecard

Stay a Step Ahead with an Active Approach

Outthinking the adversary is essential in today’s world. Active testing determines the effectiveness of your security controls and enhances your ability to defend against cyber attacks.

Discover vulnerabilities that only human attackers can find with SecurityScorecard’s team of ethical hackers.

The key to any security program is understanding how your organization fares against skilled adversaries. By partnering with SecurityScorecard, we can help your organization identify any gaps in your attack surface defense, taking the power of knowledge out of the hands of your attackers and putting it back where it belongs – in your control.

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What Does Your Scorecard Tell You?

Scorecard Ratings are beneficial in helping you determine when to test your current environment due to changes, risk of vulnerabilities, or to test the effectiveness of your security controls. If you or your vendor's score is below a C grade in the following domains, active security testing is recommended to determine the depth of exploits, including ransomware.

IP Reputation: Potential Brand Reputation Exposure

  • Real-time penetration test of all digital and public-facing assets to validate the severity of findings

  • Conduct an Incident Response Tabletop Exercise to bring together all key stakeholders to address potential exposure

Patching: Unpatched System Exposure Vulnerability

  • Real-time penetration test of server environment to validate the exposures surfaced in the Scorecard portal

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Active Security Services allow you to better understand how an enemy might attack your organization.

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