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We then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem.

Insights, SecurityScorecard's intuitive user interface, allows users to view and monitor security ratings, easily add vendors or partner organizations, and report on the cyberhealth of their ecosystem. Insights also provides access to analytics, compliance, collaboration, digital asset management, and other tools that help enterprises better manage security and meet compliance objectives.

Security Ratings

Understand the Cyberhealth of Your Ecosystem Across 10 Risk Factors

  • Network Security
  • DNS Health
  • Patching Cadence
  • Endpoint Security
  • IP Reputation
  • Web Application Security
  • Cubit Score
  • Hacker Chatter
  • Leaked Credentials
  • Social Engineering

Instant visibility across your entire ecosystem

Insights gives you a complete view into the security posture of your entire ecosystem. Its easy-to-use dashboard displays mission-critical information including high-risk vendors, critical and common security issues, and your portfolio’s average rating.

Understand third-party cybersecurity issues

View individual vendor scorecards and identify third-party cybersecurity issues that put your business at risk. Insights displays both an overall security score as well as scores broken down across 10 risk factors. Drill down into specific findings to visualize and understand severity, IP addresses, and much more.

Discover and manage risk posed by your vendors' vendors

Manage fourth-party risk with Automatic Vendor Detection (AVD™).  AVD uses non-intrusive methods and data sources to reliably detect the third-party vendors your own vendors are using. You can then add these vendors to your portfolio to ensure your IT infrastructure isn't compromised by a fourth-party.


The Complete Guide to Building Your Vendor Risk Management Program

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Insights delivers a holistic view of any organization’s security posture based on the collection, analysis, and attribution of millions of critical data points within two prevailing sets of criteria: security hygiene and security reaction time. The result is an unprecedented security solution that helps predict and minimize risk against your business.

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Insights is powered by ThreatMarket, our patented security data engine, which leverages sophisticated security collection capabilities and advanced machine learning algorithms to identify signals, accurately attribute findings, and calculate a security score.

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Unlike other providers, 80% of the data utilized by our platform comes from our own threat reconnaissance capabilities. We further enrich our data set by leveraging commercial and open source intelligence data sources. This ensures that our customers have access to the greatest breadth and quality of intelligence possible.

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The first thing I do when I learn that a new vendor needs to be onboarded is check their score in the SecurityScorecard platform for a quick and accurate assessment.

Mike Belloise Director of Information Security, TriNet

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SecurityScorecard contextualizes security issues so that users across the enterprise including executives, security engineers, vendor risk managers, cloud architects, and many others can leverage the platform to make better security decisions.

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SecurityScorecard’s A-F rating system is easy to understand and correlates directly to risk indicators that have been identified on the public web, dark web, our global sensor network, and other sources.

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A cornerstone of accurate security ratings is the ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders and external vendors and partners to resolve security and compliance issues. With Insights, you can easily invite vendors and grant them free, unlimited access to their scorecards.

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Find out how we use open source intelligence, proprietary and open data feeds, and deep machine learning systems to correlate, attribute, and prioritize risks.

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