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Discover and remediate your IT Infrastructure risk as well as the risk in your vendor and business partner environment. Work collaboratively to reduce risk and to improve security posture.

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Simply Enter a Domain Name to Start Building Your Portfolio

Just type the domain name of the vendors you want to monitor. In addition, you can bulk upload vendors to rapidly create a comprehensive portfolio view of your entire ecosystem. Gain automatic access to your own scorecard.


Get Instant Security Ratings Across Your Ecosystem

Get immediate access to your vendors’ overall security ratings, scores, and findings across 10 risk factors, as well as a historical view of performance. Continuously monitor your ecosystem for changes, rapidly compare vendors, and easily report on security posture to management and the board.


Discover Critical Vulnerabilities Across Your Portfolio

Stop threats before they exploit vulnerabilities in your ecosystem.
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) are a leading indicator of security risk. Our best-in-class CVE capabilities help you get out in front of threats.


Identify High-Risk Vendors in Your Ecosystem

Easily identify high-risk vendors using our easy-to-understand A-F scale. Drill down into individual findings and prioritize risk resolution based upon severity and impact.


Validate Questionnaires and Easily Prove Compliance

Turnkey compliance reporting capabilities enable you to easily prove compliance to auditors. We automatically map findings, both positive and negative, to regulation mandates including PCI, SIG, SIG Lite, NIST CORE, and HIPAA.


Invite Your Vendors to Fix Critical Vulnerabilities

It’s easy to share a scorecard directly with any organization using the ‘Invite Company’ option. Start the conversation with your vendor's security team to remediate critical issues.


Continuously Monitor Your Vendors with Customized Alerts

SecurityScorecard’s alerting capabilities notify your team of newly discovered critical issues and changes to security posture in your ecosystem. This arms your team with the information they need to rapidly respond to security issues.

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How Our Scoring Works

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Our proprietary software gathers threat intelligence data using nonintrusive methods.


The threat data is normalized and scored using patented machine-learning algorithms. 


Based on the threat data, businesses are rated in our platform and are benchmarked against one another.

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