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Security Scorecard

Bringing value to our mutual customers

We partner with the most innovative technology organizations to deliver winning solutions to our shared customers. Our alliance partnerships provide a range of services to enable a single-pane view of risk.

How we enable our alliance partners
Review our Partner Program Guide

Our Partner Program Guide explains the many ways our Partner Program works for you. The guide will explain our tiering structure and the benefits and requirements associated with each tier.

Complete our easy application

Once you submit your application, you'll have access to our partner portal where you'll find a variety of resources, such as a step-by-step overview of the integration and partnership process, and ready-to-use marketing materials.

Begin your journey with us

Our Alliance team works with you to strengthen the partnership, through the onboarding process and beyond.

Create demand by embedding our Instant Scorecard widget on your website.

Provide immediate insights and value to your customers and prospects by offering our free, Instant Security Score report directly on your website. This capability is a powerful lead generation tool and is one of the many demand generation offerings available to partners in the SCORE program. Visit our Partner Portal to learn more.

The Score Partner Program
The SCORE partner ecosystem: Positioning our partners for greater customer reach

The SCORE Partner Ecosystem makes it simple for customers to source managed services, solution integrations, and other complementary services to meet their exact needs. By participating, you can increase the lifetime value of existing customers while gaining additional profitability from new ones.

Join us in making the world a safer place.