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SecurityScorecard and Optiv have partnered!

As a result of the partnership, all Optiv customers can take advantage of:

  • A complimentary SecurityScorecard Enterprise License that enables you to monitor your own organization as well as up to five vendors, suppliers, or competitors (the choice is yours).
  • Access to a dedicated SecurityScorecard Success Manager and the SecurityScorecard Support Team

To opt-in and take advantage of your complimentary access, fill out the form with your information.

SecurityScorecard Ratings evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity risk using data-driven, objective, and continuously evolving metrics that provide visibility into any organization’s information security control weaknesses as well as potential vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

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SecurityScorecard Ratings offer easy-to-read A-F ratings across ten groups of risk factors.

Application Security

The Web Application Vulnerability module uses incoming threat intelligence from known exploitable conditions identified via: whitehat CVE databases, blackhat exploit databases, and sensitive findings indexed by major search engines.

Cubit Score

This proprietary module measures a variety of security issues that a company might have. For example, we check public threat intelligence databases for IP addresses that have been flagged.

DNS Health

This module measures the health and configuration of a company's DNS settings. It validates that no malicious events occurred in the passive DNS history of the company's network.

Endpoint Security

The Endpoint Security Module tracks identification points that are extracted from metadata related to the operating system, web browser, and related active plugins.

Hacker Chatter

The SecurityScorecard Hacker Chatter module is an automated collection and aggregation system for the analysis of multiple streams of underground hacker chatter.

IP Reputation

The IP Reputation and Malware Exposure module makes use of the SecurityScorecard sinkhole infrastructure as well as a blend of OSINT malware feeds, and third-party threat intelligence data-sharing partnerships.

Network Security

The Network Security module checks public datasets for evidence of high risk or insecure open ports within the company network.

Information Leak

This Information Leak module makes use of chatter monitoring and deep web monitoring capabilities to identify compromised credentials being circulated by hackers.

Patching Cadence

The Patching Cadence module analyzes how quickly a company reacts to vulnerabilities to measure patching practices.

Social Engineering

The SecurityScorecard Social Engineering Module is used to determine the potential susceptibility of an organization to a targeted social engineering attack.