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How to get an A Security Rating

SecurityScorecard offers the ability to create a plan in order to resolve any security concerns. Before you begin, you need to have an account. If you do not have one, it's easy to create a free account.

Step 1.
Log into the Platform

Before you begin, you need to be logged into the platform.

Login to the platform
Step 2.
Propose Security Rating Plan

Go to Scorecards > My Scorecard

Select Scorecards and then My Scorecard

On the left, you will see a button that says Propose Plan or Improve Score. Press that.

Press Propose Plan or Improve Score

Another option is to go to the issues tab and select Propose score plan.

Issues tab also reveals a propose plan button

Step 3.
Choose Target Plan Score

You can use the + and – to adjust the security rating score you want to target.

Use plus or minus to adjust the score until you reach your goal security rating
Step 4.
Generate the plan
Propose score plan

Pro-tip: Adjust your plan to focus on the highest impact changes

Pro tip prioritize your score plan by adding more valuable issues

You can Remove All and then add the ones that will recover the highest score impact.

Don’t forget to check low and medium items. The frequency of certain issues can affect the score more while there are other issues that are more binary - the absence or presence of the issue is more important than the # of findings.

Score plan with selected issues

You can drill down into each security rating issue for more information.

Select issues to learn more about

This will get you a summary of the issue.

SSL/TLS Service issue summary

On each security rating issue you will see the ability to resolve findings and a learn more button that will teach you about the issue resolution process.

Once you resolve the issues your security rating will improve. This will help you plug up exploitable cybersecurity risks.


Support has detailed summaries of Issue Types, why they matter, and additional recommendations on how to resolve them.

Additional Resources:

If you want a deeper dive into security ratings and how they work, take a Scorecard Academy course on how to get up and running on the SecurityScorecard ratings platform in about 20 minutes.

If you want to improve your portfolio score with vendors and other organizations you work with, here are 5 steps to improve your average portfolio score.

If your organization has multiple domains and IPs or vendors that need to be grouped into subsets, consider creating Custom Scorecards.
(This feature is not available for free accounts)

If you still need help, reach out to our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for professional services. Our SMEs offer a variety of helpful services including cyber resiliency services to help you get an A rating.