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Gartner Peer Insights ‘Customer Choice': IT Vendor Risk Management Tools

"Helps Manage Risk And Reduces The Significant Overhead Of 3rd Party Reviews"

"We are almost a year into the tools use and have seen significant value related to managing risk as well as reducing the overhead of performing 3rd party reviews vs our old process of email and MS Office document questionnaires. (We have both Security Scorecard and Atlas)"

- Director Of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities

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"Helps To Manage Risks And Clients Expectations"

"We admire the responsiveness of the platform, whenever you remediate an issue your rating can nearly instantly reflect that. It's very easy to mark an item as remediated whenever it's done. It really helps a lot to keep the rating current. This simplifies a communication with our clients who are concerned with information security state of their vendors. Also, the solution helps us to identify vulnerabilities that are hard to find using other security tools and vulnerability scanners."

- Lead Of Information Security Team, Services

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Cybersecurity Professionals

"Easy To Decipher Scores"

"I like the way that SecurityScorccard gives easy to understand scores (A, B, C, etc.) as opposed to obscure numbers like Bitsight."

- Risk Manager, Healthcare

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"The Most Compelling Solution Of Cyberscoring In The Market"

"SecurityScorecard is a strong platform, which supplies a compelling service. Only SecurityScorecard has both scoring and questionary management, which makes this solution a unique one in the market. Team behind it is absolutely professional and service oriented."

- CEO, Services

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Forrester New Wave Leader 2018
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"Security Scorecard Has Played A Key Role In How We Evaluate Peers, Vendors, And Customers"

"SecurityScorecard has been an integral part of our quarterly risk assessment process. It allows us to evaluate ourselves against our industry peers. It has also helped us risk rank potential vendors / customers. "

- Information Security Analyst, Services

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"Quick Start, Quick Results, Improved Visibility Into Vendor Security Posture"

"We evaluated four products for third party cyber security posture and went with Security Scorecard because we felt it had the best overall package to allow us to measure and manage third part cyber security posture. Onboarding was efficient, support has been very responsive when we have had questions and I do not regret our decision."

- Information Security Officer, Healthcare

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"SecurityScorecard Delivers Brilliant Security Information Of Suppliers And Is Easy To Use"

"We're using SecurityScorecard for 6 month now and very satisfied with the support team's responsiveness and the customer service. This tool indeed supports our vendor risk management process in a great way and we are very happy with the provided data and information. We really like the feature to get in contact with our vendors to improve their security and therefore ours. The UI capabilities are straight forward and easy to understand. We can fully recommend this tool."

- Business Analyst, Finance

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"Excellent Tool With Exceptional Support"

"The tools is really helping us to assess our (outside in) external security posture. It makes life easy by identifying the public assets associated with company (which is really a very challenging and resource consuming task) and assessing their security posture. It helped us to identify many resources and vulnerabilities which we were not able to find otherwise. Moreover, We found SecurityScoreCard thorough professionals and can go extra mile to accommodate your need. They really helped us during setup and also providing exceptional customer care using regular cadence meeting and during on-boarding third parties. "

- Senior IT Risk Analyst, Manufacturing

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"Makes External Party IT Security Risk Analysis Must Easier And More Accurate"

"SecurityScorecard has saved me huge amounts of time and trouble in performing the security tests and due diligence I used to perform manually or through a number of tools. The results are accurate and timely and allow me to make very important decisions on the risk my organisation faces when dealing with customers, business partners and service providers. Support is excellent, always a fast turn-around and helpful advice."

- Head of IT Security, Finance

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