Blog February 8, 2024

Scorecarder Spotlight: Priya Thupili

Our series “Scorecarder Spotlight” showcases our talented employees and the incredible work they do. 


Name: Priya Thupili 

Title: Digital Marketing Manager 

Location: Austin, TX 


Where do you live, and what do you do in your free time? 

I was born in Hyderabad, India because my mother was visiting her family, but I spent most of my life in San Antonio. I went to the University of Texas in Austin (hook ‘em horns), and I’ve lived in Austin ever since. Though I do go back to San Antonio pretty often to visit my parents. 

I’m a post-pandemic homebody, but I’m trying to fix that! As a result, that means I try to get out as much as possible on the weekends. On Saturdays, I usually take my two dogs, Obi and Elli (aka Goober and Goose) to the dog park, then later on meet up with friends. On Sundays, I usually do chores, followed by yoga, and then the obligatory post-yoga brunch. I’m also a pretty avid reader, though I admit that I buy too many books, so much so that a lot end up on my shelf, un-read. I’m torn between accepting that (tsundoku) and trying to get better about actually reading the lot. 

My happy place is in Fredericksburg, TX, a town known for its wonderful wineries and food. It’s also a middle-ish point between San Antonio and Austin, so it’s a great place for meeting up with friends on long weekends. We like to relax and enjoy good food and good wine—and many of the wineries are dog-friendly, which Obi and Elli appreciate. 


Sipping a glass of sparkling wine at a winery in Fredericksburg, Texas.


Can you talk about your career path? 

In college, I studied business, marketing, and international relations. Much to my parents’ dismay, I did not become a doctor (though my brother is in med school, if anyone needs a GI specialist in the next 3-5 years). 

While I was in college, I had an internship nearly every summer and a couple of semesters. I also had the chance to study abroad in Paris, which I loved. One of my favorite internships was with 3M, and after graduation, they hired me as a full-time employee. I spent about five years there, working in product marketing, marketing communications, and segment marketing. It was a great company and a wonderful opportunity to learn the ins and outs of all the different aspects of marketing. From there, I pivoted and worked at a few start-ups, which taught me how to adapt to change and work in a more fast-paced environment. 


Obi and Ellie. The better part of 190 pounds of fluff on a king-size bed.


Can you talk about your role at SecurityScorecard?

I’m a Digital Marketing Manager here at SecurityScorecard. Digital Marketing (and demand generation, for that matter) tends to vary in scope across organizations, and SecurityScorecard is no different. Part of the role is focused on advertising within specific channels like LinkedIn and Google, ensuring target audiences (as designated by their characteristics and intent and the tools that pick up on it) are problem, solution, and brand aware.

We just finished a website migration, so driving folks to that and making sure they have a good end-to-end digital experience is part of my job. My responsibilities here differ depending on the day; I might be in the back end of the site, answering SEO or reporting questions, or trying to come up with ad or email copy all within the same couple of hours. Thankfully, there are so many amazing people who are part of this team—and I enjoy the collaboration and perspective that helps make everything run smoothly.

At this point, I’m probably best known internally as the go-to person for webinars. Many noteworthy moments here have stemmed from that; I often get a front row seat to some amazing conversations between industry titans like Jim Routh, Renaud Deraison, Robert Knake, and of course our CEO, Aleksandr Yampolskiy.


I am the consummate dog mom, and my phone reel is 99% these pups.


Thank you Priya!