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SecurityScorecard powered by AWS mitigates breach risk and provides actionable details for every issue surfaced. Instantly gain a holistic view of any organization's cyber risk.

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  • Intelligence Built By Threat Researchers For Threat Researchers

    SecurityScorecard is a data company, first and foremost, building contextual intelligence to power its scorecards. We have built the most comprehensive data collection and attribution infrastructure over a decade, giving customers the most relevant, actionable, and trusted cyber risk information.

    When data volume, quality, and speed matter, turn to SecurityScorecard’s threat intelligence. Gain confidence in knowing the intelligence collected is engineered for you to prevent future disruptions with unrivaled, up-to-date, and precision-built data.

  • 333 M+

    Threat actor associations made and growing daily tied to exposed assets, malicious IPs, file hashes, and more.

  • 100 B+

    Vulnerabilities and attributions published weekly

  • 4.1 B

    IPs and domains scanned in-house every 1.5 weeks across 1,500 ports globally

  • 7 B

    Normalized leaked databases records from across the dark web and forums.

  • 2 B+

    Sinkhole Malware requests per day ingested – world’s most enormous malware DNS sinkhole

  • 20 M

    Top websites crawled every week using full browsers imitating real users

  • “If you’re validating evidence off of the SOC report, how long is that evidence good for? Are we looking at something six months old? Point-in-time assessments are nice and necessary, but continual validation of controls is necessary to maintaining a healthy business."

    Sr. Manager, Global Security Risk Management Stephen Nemeth
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Use AWS Cloud Credits to Improve Your Security Posture

Maximize your AWS investment by leveraging Enterprise Discount Program [EDP] credits to take control of your cybersecurity risk ecosystem. SecurityScorecard delivers an instant 360-degree view of any organization’s cyber risk using non-intrusive and proprietary data collection methods.

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