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Simply Enter a Domain Name to Create Your Vendor Portfolio

Add the companies you want to monitor by typing a web domain into the platform.

Bulk upload your tier 1, 2, and 3 vendors to create a comprehensive portfolio view.

Get Instant Security Ratings of All Your Vendors

You will immediately receive an overall security rating for each organization.

You’re now enabled to continuously monitor them for changes in their security-risk posture.

Sort by High Risk Vendors & Prioritize Assessments

Sort your entire portfolio of vendors by overall grade or 30-day security change.

This allows you to instantaneously identify high risk vendors and prioritize supplier verification audits.

Know Critical Vulnerabilities Across Your Entire Portfolio

Filter your entire vendor portfolio to uncover new and existing CVEs such as Heartbleed and DROWN.

Review Critical Issues Within Each Vendor Scorecard

You will see a complete view of your vendor’s security posture that spans across 10 security categories.

Dive deeper into the details of any issue detected within each category.

Validate Questionnaires & Ensure Compliance

We’ve built in the industry’s most recognized security frameworks including SIG, ISO, SIG Lite, HIPAA and PCI to help identify gaps in your vendor’s compliance and questionnaires.

Invite Your Vendors to Fix Critical Vulnerabilities

It’s easy to share a scorecard directly with any organization using the ‘Invite a Vendor’ option.

Start the conversation with your vendor’s security team to remediate any outstanding critical issues.

Utilize Expert Remediation Advice to Resolve Issues

For each issue we provide remediation advice compiled by our team of security experts.

This helps speed up the time to understand and fix issues for vendors that might have limited security resources.

Our team is also available to help answer any questions or verify issues have been resolved.

Continuously Monitor Your Vendors with Customized Alerts

Create alerts to notify your team of critical issues in your vendor portfolio. You’ll know when there are significant changes to a vendors’ risk posture, or if they have experienced a data breach with web or email alerts.

Easily Compare the Security Posture of Multiple Vendors

View the security posture of two or more vendors and their side-by-side profile with grades for all 10 security-category factors, and a 30-day history of scoring changes.

Discover Fourth Party Vendors

Automatically detect your third and fourth party vendors to monitor the security posture of each cloud service provider that your vendor subcontracts to.

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