• Industry Pharmaceutical
  • Footprint 892 IPs
  • Followers Monitored by 22 companies
  • Headquarters São Paulo, BR
  • Year founded 2001
  • Employees 10.8K

A Hypera Pharma é uma das maiores e mais diversificadas empresas farmacêuticas do Brasil e está presente em todos os segmentos relevantes do setor. Com posição de liderança em diversas categorias, oferece produtos de alta qualidade e segurança, investindo continuamente em inovação e crescendo de forma sustentável, para que as pessoas vivam mais e melhor. Com visão de futuro e inovação, a Hypera Pharma conta com um dos maiores e mais modernos centros de pesquisa farmacêutica do Brasil, na estrutura de sua subsidiária Brainfarma. O centro abriga uma equipe de profissionais altamente qualificados, incluindo mestres e doutores, para o desenvolvimento de medicamentos, dermocosméticos e produtos para a saúde, utilizando tecnologia de ponta para ser pioneira no lançamento de novos tratamentos no Brasil. Sediada em São Paulo e listada no Novo Mercado da BM&FBovespa desde 2008, a Hypera Pharma reúne um time de mais de 3,4 mil colaboradores.

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SecurityScorecard calculates cybersecurity scores based on 10 factors that reflect different cybersecurity practices and risks.

What do our scores mean?
What do our scores mean?
We learned from over 12 million cybersecurity ratings that companies with an F are 7.7 times more likely to be impacted by a breach versus those with an A.

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SecurityScorecard collects billions of signals each week, helping organizations see risks, get more actionable information, and respond faster to keep up with threat actors. Security teams are able to react quickly to digital criminals, respond to Zero-Day incidents faster, and reduce the risk exposure timeline.

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These are some of the factors we use to calculate the overall score:


Network Security

Discover open access points, insecure or misconfigured SSL certificates, or database vulnerabilities.


Patching Cadence

Understand how diligently a company is patching its operating systems, services, applications, software, and hardware in a timely manner.


IP Reputation

See the quantity and duration of malware infections, along with other factors influence the overall assessment of an organization’s IP Reputation.


Endpoint Security

Understand the effectiveness of protections in place for laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and all employee devices that access that company’s network.

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Take a look at the 10 factor categories at the core of SecurityScorecard’s cybersecurity rating methodology.

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