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Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited is an investment holding company. The Company's principal businesses include natural gas distribution, natural gas transmission, water treatment, solid waste treatment and beer production. Natural gas distribution is a core business segment of Beijing Enterprises, currently owning about 16million gas subscribers in mainland China, providing services for over 20 provinces and cities. Its scope of business includes gas transmission and sales, vehicle gas and operation and construction of natural-gas service stations and distributed energy. The main enterprises are Beijing Gas and China Gas.The water treatment business under Beijing Enterprises witness rapid development, they have achieved national strategic planning and successfully launched into the overseas market. At present, its scope of business includes sewage and reclaimed water treatment, water distribution, construction of comprehensive renovation projects, construction of BOT water projects and water environmental renovation. Its flagship enterprise is BE Water.Solid waste treatment business is an important component of the core business segments of Beijing Enterprises. The major enterprises are BEHET and Beijing Development.Brewery operation is an important component of the value-oriented investment strategy of Beijing Enterprises; its main enterprise is Yanjing Beer.

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SecurityScorecard calculates cybersecurity scores based on 10 factors that reflect different cybersecurity practices and risks.

What do our scores mean?
What do our scores mean?
We learned from over 12 million cybersecurity ratings that companies with an F are 7.7 times more likely to be impacted by a breach versus those with an A.

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IP Reputation

See the quantity and duration of malware infections, along with other factors influence the overall assessment of an organization’s IP Reputation.


Endpoint Security

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