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Understand and reduce cyber risk, remotely, with security ratings.

Pandemic or no pandemic, assessing the cyber risk posed by your third parties is critical.

However, during this time onsite cyber risk assessments might not be possible. SecurityScorecard can help by providing an instant 360° view of cybersecurity risk and enable you to trust but verify your business partners. Learn how you can utilize SecurityScorecard's security ratings to understand and mitigate cyber risk, all while being remote.

What sets SecurityScorecard apart?
We have the largest number of continuously rated companies.

The industry’s most expansive data set provides in-depth insights to make faster, smarter business decisions.

  • 12+ Million Companies continuously monitored
  • 10 Billion Vulnerabilities and attributions published weekly
  • 10+ Million Infected IPs over 200 malware families identified daily
We offer 360-degree visibility with integrated workflows.

Get a unified view of any company’s risk posture—through SecurityScorecard’s platform, APIs, or integrations—with security ratings data automatically validated against questionnaire responses.

  • Accelerate the vendor risk assessment process by 75% and cut the questionnaire cycle in half
  • 15+ out-of-the-box integrations with leading industry solutions
We are the most trusted and transparent.

Transparent scoring methodology behind SecurityScorecard’s comprehensive A-F grades is fair and 100% verifiable via the industry’s first public Trust Portal.

  • Trusted by nine of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, banking institutions, and telecommunications companies
  • All of the top eight insurance companies
  • Awarded Best Product in Security Ratings
  • Founder-led with 40+ years of security experience
We provide award-winning customer service.

Hands-on customer support to maximize investment with a flexible fair use policy and open access to view and improve cybersecurity posture.

  • Best-In-Class customer success team highly rated for “ease-of-setup”and “quality customer service”
  • Over 98% satisfaction rate for customer service and support
  • Winner of Best Customer Service by SC Media
Best Customer Service SC Awards

I can base all my assessments off the security ratings because they’re very accurate. I have no part to play in assessing what score they should be. I trust SecurityScorecard to do it properly.

Kenneth Ord
Head of IT Security, Modulr
Learn about the power of SecurityScorecard.