Security Benchmarking for Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Managers: Instantly take control of your third party ecosystem, and prioritize your riskiest vendors.

What Fortune 1000 Customers Are Saying

The first thing I do when I learn that a new vendor needs to be on-boarded is check their score in the SecurityScorecard platform.

Mike Belloise

Director of Information Security

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Learn how TriNet mitigates third party security risk by instantly and continuously monitoring third party vendors with SecurityScorecard

We Believe Today’s Industry Standards Ignore Real Threats

Most companies are flying blind about the risks lurking within their partners ecosystem. The evidence is irrefutable: In a 2015 cybercrime report, PWC found only 16% of respondents said they evaluate third parties’ security more than once a year—and 23% do not evaluate third parties at all. Partner, supplier, and vendor security risk is a major area that cannot be ignored as a business issue any longer.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Onboard a Vendor

Quickly compile security risk data on thousands of partners. Receive an instant snapshot of any vendor as you need it with self-service functionality. Protect revenues and brand integrity while continuously validating the security-risk profile of your partner network.

Better Prioritize Vendor Assessments & On Site Visits

Make smarter decisions about which vendors receive on-site visits, which receive questionnaires, and which need penetration testing or other, more intensive verification. Validate questionnaire responses and audit reports with instant security intelligence.

Resolve Third Party Security Issues Quickly and Accurately

Discover and thwart third party vulnerabilities and security gaps in real-time to better control the impact of breaches. Limit the effects of security breaches through partner collaboration. Invite vendors to view the scorecard directly from the platform.

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Monitor Your Fourth-Party Risk

Understand the security posture of each cloud service provider that your vendor subcontracts to. If any of your fourth-party vendors have been breached, the likelihood of your vendors – and your own organization being breached is greatly increased. By comparing common subcontractors among your vendors, you have instant insight into your organization’s exposure to concentration risk.

Our Methods of Visibility Give you Permission to Act

The foundation for our benchmarking platform is the most complete security-risk intelligence on the market. Fortune 1000 organizations rely on our independently validated security intelligence to always know third and fourth party vendor management risk.