Cyber Threat Reconnaissance

Defeat threats by proactively eliminating vulnerabilities.

Harness the the power of SecurityScorecard to eliminate weak spots before attackers exploit them.

Identify threats and assets at risk.

SecurityScorecard’s unmatched threat intelligence capabilities and attribution engine deliver actionable security intelligence that enables security and risk management teams to reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. 

We call it Threat Reconnaissance, and it overcomes the challenge faced by traditional threat intelligence solutions: knowing what assets are at risk and who they belong to. When threat intelligence is coupled with accurate attribution, security teams are able to identify vulnerable assets in their own IT infrastructure and third-party ecosystem, and work proactively to eliminate the weakness, thereby defeating the threat. Best of all, this is accomplished via a non-intrusive, outside-in view of your security posture.


Rely on best-of-breed collection capabilities.

SecurityScorecard’s team of security researchers and threat analysts have developed sophisticated collection capabilities that unobtrusively scan the internet for vulnerabilities and risk signals, and then the platform ingests that telemetry into our data analysis engine.


Proactively address issues before an exploit occurs.

Our CVE discovery capabilities enable enterprise security teams to bring their entire ecosystem up to speed. Basic hygiene can stop up to 95 percent of major attacks and prevent malware from ever impacting your ecosystem.


Minimize breach impact.

SecurityScorecard’s global sensor network of sinkholes and honeypots identifies active threats and malicious activity emanating from your IT infrastructure and third-party ecosystem. While proactive telemetry is always superior to reactive data, exploits do happen. When they do, we help you identify the impacted assets or compromised third-party provider.


Leverage the broadest and best dataset available.

In addition to our proprietary collection capabilities, we utilize commercial and open source threat intelligence feeds to enrich our dataset. By delivering the broadest and best dataset available, security teams get complete visibility into their ecosystem’s security posture.


We solve the attribution problem.

In order for threat intelligence to enhance security and deliver business results, you need to know what assets are compromised and who owns them. SecurityScorecard’s attribution engine solves this significant problem by using complex algorithms that utilize numerous IP and domain sources, including whois, reverse whois, SSL certs, and proprietary sources. We then clean and correlate the data, and map connections between data elements.

Eliminate threats against your business.

Learn how SecurityScorecard’s Threat Reconnaissance capabilities can help your organization defeat threats by proactively eliminating vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure as well as your third- and fourth-party ecosystem.

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