Security Benchmarking for Private Equity

Obtain real cybersecurity due diligence on merger or acquisition targets, and your portfolio of investments.

What Fortune 1000 Customers Are Saying

In SecurityScorecard, I found the only cloud-based service that gave me a quick, yet detailed look at all risks, not merely malware or botnet infections. It lets me continually take the pulse of the security posture of our partners and vendors.

Chris Moskowitz

CTO, Deerfield Management Company

Security Risks Need More Attention in Private Equity

Strategic due diligence means looking beyond whether a targeted company is the right price. Inherited risk costs are very important. When you acquire, merge, or plan for exit with your portfolio of companies, do you have an understanding of an individual company’s security risk that will be inherited? Do you have clear visibility into potentially costly security threats lurking in a company’s third party and fourth-party partners?

Faster & Easier Security Due Diligence

SecurityScorecard gives you instant visibility for security-risk due diligence. The interface was designed so non-technical users can use the dashboard-based benchmarking platform. Type a URL into the ‘Add Vendor’ modal and see results immediately. Our flagship platform continuously grades active security risks across any company’s posture in real time.

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Protect Target Investments From Security Risks

SecurityScorecard is powered by ThreatMarket™ which is a precise, accurate security intelligence engine that protects your target investments from security risks, third-party regulations, and increased compliance scrutiny from auditors. The ThreatMarket data engine collects, aggregates, and benchmarks billions of security-risk signals.

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Benchmark Target Investments Against Industry Standards

With SecurityScorecard, private equity firms can spotlight the security-risk strengths and weaknesses of your target companies and easily compare them to their industry vertical. Know exactly where a merger or acquisition target stands in relation to the larger vertical segment. Change is a constant when it comes to security risk.

Simplify Private Equity Due Diligence For Security Risk

Alleviate private equity risk with SecurityScorecard’s non-intrusive security intelligence that is home grown specifically for rapid, real-time assessments without intrusion on another company’s systems and networks. You have the option to keep that information confidential, or depending on the potential deal strength, you can share the benchmarked information with the target company—and request that the organization create a plan of action.