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Invest with confidence.

Quantify risk and potential liability in merger and acquisition targets.

Evaluate cybersecurity performance as part of strategic due diligence.

A comprehensive view of an M&A target company’s cyberhealth is a critical component of the vetting process prior to a merger or acquisition. Assess and understand the risks before you inherit the liability. The target’s security posture, compliance adherence, and proven ability to quickly and effectively remediate vulnerabilities must be essential elements of your M&A evaluation process. Any evidence of data breaches should be factored into purchase agreements and integration timelines before closing deals. Critical security issues translate into real consequences.

Measure the cyberhealth of acquisition targets across your entire portfolio.

Accurately assess M&A target security posture.

Rely on SecurityScorecard’s ecosystem risk management platform for instant and continuous visibility into an M&A target’s cyberhealth by analyzing risk across 10 factors. Pinpoint critical vulnerabilities and determine how well a prospect has performed over time and determine whether they have consistently met regulatory requirements. 

Comprehensive benchmarking and due diligence.

Benchmark your target’s performance against industry peers and competitors while uncovering hidden - and potentially costly - security issues. Integrate SecurityScorecard into your due diligence processes to reduce your exposure and make better M&A decisions.

Continuously monitor portfolio risk.

Post-acquisition, SecurityScorecard enables acquirers to continuously monitor the cyberhealth of recently acquired entities as well as assets across your entire portfolio. This gives you the ability to manage risk and instantly bring newly acquired assets into your security and risk management framework.

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