We help leading enterprises in every industry sector.

SecurityScorecard enables organizations of all types and sizes, in every industry, to discover and solve complex cybersecurity, compliance and risk management challenges.

Financial Services

Financial institutions rely on us to meet stringent regulatory mandates and eliminate vulnerabilities that are likely to result in an exploit.

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Healthcare organizations are lucrative targets for hackers, which is why many turn to SecurityScorecard to manage risk across their entire ecosystem.

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Insurance companies leverage our platform to underwrite cyber insurance policies, continuously monitor policyholders, and secure their own ecosystem.

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Leading technology companies deploy our platform to improve security posture and integrate our data and analytics into their own cyber solutions.

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Retail & Consumer

Retailers remain a constant target for hackers attempting to steal customer data. We help retailers solve third- and fourth-party security risk challenges and prove compliance.

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Enterprises of all types and sizes rely on SecurityScorecard to defend against advanced threat vectors and proactively build a more secure ecosystem.

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