Security Benchmarking for Executives & Boards

Management Team: How do you know if your security investments are truly making you more secure?

What Fortune 1000 Customers Are Saying

Having a centralized, quantitative, and timely source of third-party security risk information gives us the ability to present a balanced and accurate picture of third party risk.

Josh Stabiner


The Pressure To Quickly Validate Your Company’s Complete Security Risk Posture Is Mounting

The regulatory environment demands that you and your partners have more knowledge of your company’s security practices than ever before. There are also regulatory pressures on you to prove you are being proactively aware of all ‘cybersecurity’ risk. Beyond regulations, your organization needs a rapid, independently-validated way to know your security risk. You need an instant security audit.

Instantly Discover How Your Vendors and Suppliers See Your Security Risk

You may not realize it yet, but your partners are being forced to audit your security risk either because of regulations, or because they are concerned about the effects of third party risk. SecurityScorecard continuously monitors your organization’s security risk, and allows you to see exactly what they are seeing in real time.

Make Smarter Investment Decisions in Security & Risk Programs

Use actionable intelligence to make improvements in your risk management and information security programs with instant audits of your company. SecurityScorecard’s deep and continuous insight into security risk will help you make rational, fact-based decisions at the time you need the information. Tie your future investments directly to the business impact of security risk.

Compare Your Security Risk Profile Against Your Industry

SecurityScorecard allows you to compare to your industry based on relevant security metrics. Always know where you stand in relation to the larger vertical segment with consistent, continuous, and competitive awareness. Keep tabs across your industry to understand your specific place on a dynamic index. Use security risk information to your advantage with an instant security audit.

Always Know Where Your Company Stands

A security risk benchmark gives you an outside-in view of your total security position, condition, and performance—and gives you the ability to track it every single day. Our intellectual property is developed by field experts with deep cryptography, data science, ethical hacking, and white hat security research experience.