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We provide this list that is based on data, best practices, and security tests, to congratulate leading cybersecurity programs. Here are our picks for the top 10 companies that showcase their good security posture through security ratings and action.

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With millions of companies scored, the depth and scope of our collected data is unmatched, and our ability to validate our data increases with every new customer and follower.

These numbers are updated in real time, and illustrate the expansive reach of our scoring and monitoring.

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How is your Scorecard calculated?

Take a look at the 10 factor categories at the core of SecurityScorecard’s cybersecurity rating methodology.

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Cyber risk ratings influence business activity from the loading dock to the board room. Learn all how to incorporate security ratings insights into workflows throughout your organization

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How do you quantify cyber risk management? Threat prevention may be hard to compute, but Forrester Consulting has done the work or you. Spoiler alert: SecurityScorecard customers realize investment payback in under a quarter.

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