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Prove to Your Customers They Can Trust You With Their Data


SecurityScorecard’s easy-to-understand security ratings on your public facing website or application

The Threat is Real

Last year alone, billions of consumer usernames, passwords, and other confidential data were stolen from businesses. There is a high cost to both the business and the consumer each and every time consumer data is compromised.

Trust is Eroding

A data breach erodes confidence in your business and can turn customers off to your products. In a complex world of growing cyber-threats, consumers are desperate to know which websites and applications they can trust.

Prove Security to Your Customers

Give your customers the confidence they need to do business with you. With SecurityScorecard’s easy to understand A-F grading system, consumers can easily understand your cybersecurity posture and the safety of their data.

How It Works

Step 1:

View to your business’ security rating by visiting Instant SecurityScorecard by clicking here.

Step 2:

We will reach out to you at the email address and phone number provided. You may also contact us directly at [email protected]

Step 3:

We will provide you with access to an account where you can see a detailed analysis of your security ratings and issues related to your business.

Step 4:

Our team will answer any questions you might have about your security score and help you improve your security posture, thereby improving your score.

Step 5:

We will supply you with code that you can place on your website or application. We will work with your web development team to ensure that the badge works for your business needs.

Step 6:

We will monitor your security ratings and work with you should your rating drop below a grade-level threshold. This helps ensure your ecosystem is secure and demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to maintaining a strong security posture.

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