The Next Frontier: Privacy and Continuous Compliance

December 11th at 1pm EST

As the average cost of a data breach reaches $3.92 million, organizations globally are exploring the necessary precautions to avoid remediation costs, lost business, and regulatory fines. Point-in-time compliance and other out-dated security practices no longer protect against the new threats and risks facing organizations globally. As we transition from 2019, "the year of privacy", into 2020 we witness a necessary shift in security and compliance practice. 

Please join this webinar to reflect on what we witnessed in 2019 and how key events are paving the way for security, privacy and compliance in 2020. Join our VP of Compliance as he discusses:

  • How regulations shaped 2019 to be the "year of privacy"
  • The impacts privacy had on how we conduct business today
  • Practitioner based 2020 predictions