SecurityScorecard's Mission & The Importance of Cybersecurity Ratings

Join us as we a take a look at SecurityScorecard's history, mission and purpose. We will be discussing the growing importance of cybersecurity ratings, and why we believe in this market.

We take viewers through the journey of SecurityScorecard, what problems we are solving, and why it’s important. In addition, we'll take a look at our process of asset discovery, scoring model, collection (and collection integration), and attribution - giving a transparent view into where we get our data, and how it's used.

Bonus: We will be talking about how we pull data from 1 billion events!

Meet the Speakers

Alex Bucher

Product Line Manager, Product Management at SecurityScorecard

Alex Bucher serves as Product Line Manager, Product Management and he and his reports are responsible for the Trust & Transparency, Infrastructure, and Scorecard Distribution teams.The focus of these areas includes data collection, attribution, scoring, vendor management, insurance, and other product areas.

Alex has an extensive background in the cyber security space as well as in the vendor risk management and insurance spaces. Prior to joining SecurityScorecard, Alex was a Security Product Manager at Salesforce. Before that, he was the Platform Product Manager for Veracode through their acquisition by CA Technologies. Alex's formal education background is in game theory and economics, with a lifelong passion for technology and security.

Tom Scida

Tom Scida

Director of Engineering, Signals and Analytics at SecurityScorecard

Tom Scida is the Director of Engineering, Signals and Analytics at SecurityScorecard. He joined the team just over 7 months ago and has extensive experience in the engineering space. He worked at Booz Allen Hamilton for over 13 years in many different engineering roles. Tom graduated from Loyola University with a degree in electrical engineering, and has a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in electrical and computer engineering. 

In his free time, Tom enjoys rowing and other sports, as well as being a volunteer firefighter.