Cybersecurity Hyperextension: Reduce the Excessive Pain of Managing Third-Party Ecosystems

Wednesday, October 20th at 11am EST

Let’s face it, your own digital environment is enough to keep you occupied. Adding third-party risk management to your plate can feel as overtaxing and painful as a joint hyperextension injury. With the continuing rise of ransomware and the third-party risk involved fueling the majority of today’s headline-making breaches, it’s an area of focus that can't be ignored regardless of how difficult it may seem. In this session, we’ll address:

  • Industry trends and statistics that will arm you with the information needed to gain support for third party risk mitigation
  • Common pain points in managing third party risk with proven real-world examples of best practices to combat them
  • How to evaluate your third-party risk management program to help you benchmark your progress

Meet Our Speakers

Ninad Purohit

Partner & Head of Cybersecurity, CFGI

Ninad is CFGI’s Partner leading the Cybersecurity Practice. He has over 18 years of experience across various leadership roles in cybersecurity and specializes in building and managing cybersecurity operations, business development and pre-sales.

Adam Gladsden

Third-Party Risk Management Strategic Advisor, SecurityScorecard

Adam is a Strategic Third-Party Risk Advisor leading the Risk Advisory Services practice at SecurityScorecard. Prior to joining SecurityScorecard, Adam was the Founder and CEO of Broad Street Labs and Head of Cyber Risk at Nominet. His 20 years technology experience includes executive roles in cyber risk product and delivery across the telecom, healthcare, biotech, financial and retail sectors.