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Security Scorecard

Leading indicators for the leading indicators: SecurityScorecard and HackerOne

During this workshop, Mike Wilkes (CISO, SecurityScorecard) and Alex Rice (CTO and Co-Founder, HackerOne) discussed more advantages of combining VDPs, bug bounty programs, and continuous external cyber monitoring, including the impact it can have on reducing risk, preventing breaches, and vetting third parties.

Watch the recorded workshop to learn:

  • Why more and more organizations are adopting VDPs and bug bounty programs
  • How the evolving cyber rating landscape will change risk management
  • Why cyber ratings are crucial for third-party risk management
  • The difference between leading and lagging security indicators and why leading indicators are more valuable for tracking and controlling risk
  • Why both positive and negative security indicators are important when assessing an organization’s security posture
Join us in making the world a safer place.