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Introducing SecurityScorecard's Integrate360° Marketplace

Aleksandr Yampolskiy, SecurityScorecard Co-Founder and CEO, introduces Integrate360°, SecurityScorecard's Marketplace of Integrations and Apps. The Marketplace enhances the ability of SecurityScorecard customers to find, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risk with out-of-the-box apps and integrations to extend the power of SecurityScorecard. We are the first cybersecurity ratings company with over 40 product integrations, security intelligence partners, and professional services. The SecurityScorecard Marketplace brings customers a one-stop shop where they can unlock, discover, and deploy additional trusted partner solutions and pre-built integrations on top of the SecurityScorecard platform.

Integrate360° Marketplace aims to address 5 critical focus areas of risk through our partner integrations:
1) Shared security intelligence embedded into Scorecards for added visibility;
2) Workflow management tools to automate tasks and reduce manpower for repetitive tasks;
3) Third-party and supply chain risk management to amplify risk mitigation and take control of ecosystem risk;
4) Partnerships with professional and remediation services to augment team capacity;
5) Business intelligence data to gain insight into the corporate structure and other non-cyber risks.

There are countless ways that customers can use SecurityScorecard Ratings to drive just-in-time activity and inform actions across multiple security tools. The SecurityScorecard Integrate360° Marketplace enables enriched Scorecards with additional information provided by trusted third-party security intelligence partners to enhance visibility into risk and to maximize investments into their security stack.

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