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Security Scorecard

SecurityScorecard & LogicGate: How to build a world-class third-party risk management program

No matter the industry, company size, or location - third-party risk management is a key priority across the business. Risk leaders are being forced to quickly adjust to a massively evolving landscape and manage a growing number of vendors. This shift has accelerated the demand for efficiency and forced a new mindset for risk and compliance teams who are relying on automation technologies like never before.

Watch our expert panel from SecurityScorecard and LogicGate as they dive into best practices to increase efficiency and effectively manage your vendor management processes. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The new evolving risks and challenges;
  • Using automation technologies to increase efficiency and agility;
  • How continuous security ratings can help you amplify your third-party risk management;
  • How to modernize your questionnaires assessment processes with automation and actionable data;

This session is best suited for third-party and vendor risk management leaders looking to automate their governance, risk, and compliance processes with continuous monitoring of the cybersecurity posture of their organization and vendors, automated ITSM processes, and integrated solutions.

Join us in making the world a safer place.