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Case Study: Gunderson Dettmer

The Client

Gunderson Dettmer, an international business law firm, provides advisory and legal services to more than 2,500 high-growth and emerging technology and life sciences companies, from startup to maturity. They also provide advisory and legal services to more than 250 global venture capital and private equity firms.

The Challenge

The fundamental principles that govern attorney-client relationships center on protection, confidentiality, and trust. Legal advisors are expected to rigorously protect sensitive information they access and store on behalf of their clients. Achieving and maintaining this level of trust is increasingly difficult in a digital economy continuously plagued by sophisticated hackers who aggressively target the sensitive data law firms are entrusted with (i.e., patents, trade secrets, financial information, corporate strategies, contracts, etc.) to effectively represent their clients.

Firms must proactively respond to increasingly complex and frequent attacks or face inevitable reputational damage and erosion of client confidence. In many cases, law firms are being held accountable for poor cyberhealth.

The Solution

Gunderson Dettmer uses SecurityScorecard's cybersecurity platform to continuously monitor security risks, easily track vendor security postures, and gain access to instant and accurate security ratings to put both client's and executive's minds at rest.

The Results

Gunderson Dettmer now has the tools to quickly report issues, immediately take action, and continuously improve processes to enhance security posture and maintain client confidence. The firm’s chief risk officer, chief technology officer, and senior system administrator regularly access the user-friendly dashboards on their SecurityScorecard portal. This collaborative workflow drives increased cybersecurity awareness and engagement across the firm, as well as informed prioritization and rapid remediation of what matters most.

Join us in making the world a safer place.