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Security Scorecard

Explanation of SecurityScorecard's Ratings Data

SecurityScorecard collects a broad range of threat intelligence data across the public Internet and dark web. Our global security intelligence engine, called ThreatMarket, continuously collects and analyzes a broad range of highly relevant, but non-intrusive, cybersecurity signals for millions of digital assets across the internet.

This white paper provides detail on the active and passive collection methods and signal types that are in use by the SecurityScorecard solution. The breadth and depth of the security data discussed is the foundation from which SecurityScorecard can deliver the most comprehensive cybersecurity ratings in the industry.

Download this paper to learn:

  • The passive and active techniques we employ
  • How we deal with data obstacles, errors and omissions
  • The types of networks we use and how we deal with stale records
SecurityScorecard Explanation Of Our Data
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