Driving Cyber Resilience as Security & IT Teams Shift to the New Normal

November 17 at 1PM ET

Join our guests Steve Piper, Founder & CEO at CyberEdge Group, with Giovanni Massard, who heads TGRC at Cargill Group, and Nuno Teodoro, CISO at Truphone, for a conversation moderated by SecurityScorecard on how they have managed the shift to the new normal while ensuring cyber resiliency.

2020 has brought unprecedented changes to our personal and professional lives, creating new pressures on security & IT teams. How can security and IT teams stay agile, enable business resilience, and manage the shift to the new normal?

In this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • SecurityScorecard’s latest ebook, How Security & IT Teams Can Manage the Shift to the New Normal, and the strategies they’ve used to build cyber resilient organizations.
  • The increased importance of third-party risk management and automating existing processes to keep up with an increasingly complex third-party ecosystem.
  • Why cybersecurity investments and operations should be aligned with desired business outcomes.

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