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Security Scorecard

Cyber Readiness with an Always-On Security Team

Cyber Readiness with an Always-On Security Team

According to the FBI, 4,000 ransomware attacks are occuring on a daily basis. In a world of threat actors not slowing down and becoming more sophisticated, organizations have to rethink their cyber defense strategy. Implementing an “always-on” security approach enables executives and IT security teams to strengthen their cyber readiness through proactive intelligence and response capabilities. Unfortunately, the reality of continued staffing shortages and the lack of sufficient protection against the growing sophistication of cyberattacks has organizations struggling.

With threat actors always on, how can organizations create an always-on security team? Join Dave Maberry and Larry Slusser from SecurityScorecard to learn:

  • How to use proactive threat and risk intelligence to gain board-level buy-in and enable actionable next steps in combating cyber attacks;

  • How to bring governance strategies into your organization for a 360-degree enterprise-side approach that serves as the foundation for a cyber resilient culture

  • Proactive and reactive steps teams should take to:
    • Mature their programs

    • Align people, process, and technology to monitor and mitigate risk across your attack surface

    • Test an organization’s defenses through an offensive approach

  • Rely on outside experts when time is of the essence

Join us in making the world a safer place.