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Security Scorecard

Clearing Security Hurdles Faster to Drive Business Forward in 2022

The only constant about cybersecurity is change, and the pace of change is significant. Every security challenge brings a new hurdle that organizations must adjust to faster. In 2021 alone we saw ransomware attacks demanding record sums of money, a shift in the way we think about trust in a remote-first environment, increasingly complex third-party supply chains, and the demand for security talent in a competitive market, to name a few. As we enter the new year, security leaders must make plans to address a quickly evolving threat landscape and transform security into a business enabler, not a hurdle.

Watch Mike Wilkes, our CISO and customer panel including Scott Fuller, CIO of Access Health and John Beal, Privacy Officer of St. Charles Health, as they dive into proven best practices of how to stay ahead of threats. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Top security challenges organizations expect to encounter in 2022;
  • Transforming the way security is viewed to make it a business enabler, not a hurdle;
  • Using automation technologies to increase efficiency and agility of security operations and third-party risk management;
  • A sneak peak into 2022 security planning from our panel
Meet our speakers
John Beal
Privacy Officer, St. Charles Healthcare

John Beal is an Assistant Privacy Officer (former Security Specialist II) for the St. Charles Health System in Bend, OR. Working with the health system’s Privacy office, he created and currently operates St. Charles’ SecOps TPRM program, enabling him to effectively risk score more than 60 business-critical vendors in order to protect patient and clinical partner data.

Scott Fuller
CIO, Access Health

Scott Fuller is the CIO at Access Health and has 20+ years of technology & security leadership experience. He has literally written the book on technology security. Actually, he has written over 12 of them! Additionally, Scott is also a part of the Forbes Leadership Council on Technology. Scott's efforts have helped thousands of organizations understand, confront, and overcome significant security challenges. Additionally, Scott leads technology development efforts. Through his leadership Access is well positioned to develop secure high quality technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

Mike Wilkes Headshot
Mike Wilkes
Former CISO, SecurityScorecard

Mike Wilkes is the former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at SecurityScorecard. Wilkes is responsible for developing enterprise-wide security programs to protect corporate systems as well as growing and extending the SecurityScorecard platform to customers, executives, and boards of directors.

Join us in making the world a safer place.