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Case Study: Liquidnet

The Client

Liquidnet is the global institutional trading network where the world’s top asset managers, managing over 15 trillion dollars in assets, come to execute their large equity trades. Protecting sensitive financial information is one of Liquidnet’s top priorities, so if an issue compromises their security, it is a potentially business-ending event.

The Challenge

To comply with third-party review requirements of customers and regulators, Liquidnet had mostly relied on a broad range of self reported information provided by the vendors and also on third-party assessment reports. Simply put, Liquidnet needed a third-party management solution that would:

  1. Quantify the security performance of their vendors
  2. Provide continuous monitoring
  3. Do both of those things without requiring an immense amount of time.

The Solution

SecurityScorecard provides Liquidnet with many different cybersecurity solutions, including: continuous monitoring of vendor's cybersecurity postures, vulnerabilities and compliance, validating industry-standard questionnaire responses, real-time insights, and decision making capabilities.

The Results

Liquidnet is now able to quickly and easily show their board of directors and regulators that they are meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

Using the intuitive metrics, they can also now speak confidently about its third-parties’ compliance to relevant security requirements, and use SecurityScorecard to validate responses.

Join us in making the world a safer place.