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Case Study: Cyber Security in Healthcare

The Client

The client is a well-known healthcare insurance provider. As a company in the healthcare space, this corporation is subject to HIPAA regulations and must ensure that personal health information (PHI) is secured with the appropriate physical and electronic safeguards.

The Challenge

The company struggled to investigate the potential risks and cybersecurity practices at all of its affiliates in a streamlined way. As a result, affiliate integrations were cumbersome. It was both challenging to onboard new affiliates and to help them meet the required standards and best practices.

The Solution

This company leverages SecurityScorecard as a marketing tool to assure customers of the security of their data by:

  • Providing SecurityScorecard report to customers or disclosing these reports in the RFP process.
  • Comparing its cybersecurity profile against its competitors.
  • Providing an additional independent verification of the company’s and its vendors’ cybersecurity practices
  • Showcasing the effectiveness of the company’s continuous monitoring program

In addition to its benefits as a marketing tool, SecurityScorecard provides the company with a way to enhance affiliate relationships.

The Results

A little over a year after the company introduced the SecurityScorecard platform to its affiliates, it has seen improvement in its cybersecurity health.

The company also uses the vulnerability information surfaced by the SecurityScorecard platform to educate stakeholders in the human resources and legal departments about current threats and risks so that there can be cross-departmental efforts to improve awareness across the organization.

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