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Security Scorecard

Automation's Role in TPRM

CyberRisk Alliance and SecurityScorecard present: Automation's Role in Risk Management

It can be tough deciding how much automation you want to introduce into a particular IT security function. While automation does bring speed and efficiency, companies sometimes like to rely on human judgment for important security decisions. This debate is certainly true for third-party risk management, as companies debate if they want to use automation for things like risk prioritization or triggering a vendor reassessment or performance review in the event of an alert. In this session, we will examine the pros and cons of incorporating automation into the various elements of third-party risk management.

Watch this dynamic discussion with Mike Wilkes, CISO at SecurityScorecard and Chuk Burbank, CISO at BenefitMall, in a conversation moderated by Parham Eftekhari from the Cyber Risk Alliance.

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