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Security Scorecard

Amplify Third-party Risk Management with SecurityScorecard & Onspring

Too many vendors to assess? Desperate for continuous monitoring? No time to strategize? Watch this webinar to hear how others are amplifying third-party risk management using Onspring and the SecurityScorecard data connector. In the webinar, we unpack what it means to incorporate continuous cybersecurity monitoring into an automated risk management program, and give you an inside look into the benefits of integrating security ratings into Onspring.

  • Drill into enterprise risk from one, aggregated view in Onspring using statistically validated cybersecurity data from SecurityScorecard.
  • Automate triggered notifications to internal teams and to third parties, which activate immediate remediations based on SecurityScorecard Ratings.
  • Continue to maintain and send accurate, up-to-date reporting to executives, to your board, and to risk owners through Onspring.
Join us in making the world a safer place.