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Security Scorecard

Q4 ‘22 Release is here to empower you with Confident Data that drives Actionable Insights.

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Confident Data results in Actionable Insights.

A resilient and trusted digital ecosystem is impossible to achieve without an agile security program.

Today’s digitally transformed world comes with increased cyber risk. As cyber attacks continue to become more sophisticated, security teams are strengthening their security programs with additional tools to protect their growing attack surface, leading to more problems than solutions.

Cut through the noise of cybersecurity alert fatigue with actionable insights supported by our confident data to gain visibility into your attack surface, quantify and prioritize your security team's efforts, and effectively collaborate within your organization and with your business partners.

How can you empower your team with confident security and vendor risk data?

Dig into our Ratings and the global attack surface with the world’s most enormous malware DNS sinkhole.

Tie risk quantification output to the most relevant issues and risk mitigation strategies with the most contextualized view of cyber risk.

Accelerate response time to any threat and mitigate future exposure with industry-leading collaborative remediation tools.

SecurityScorecard is more than just Security Ratings.
One Platform for Multiple Use Cases.

Read our Q4 ‘22 Release Notes to learn more.

Join us in making the world a safer place.