Take supply chain cyber risk management to the MAX

SecurityScorecard MAX is a technology-enabled supply chain cyber risk managed service. Organizations leverage SecurityScorecard's technology, expertise, and partner ecosystem to minimize supply chain risk and gain tangible business outcomes.

  • Rapidly eliminate critical supply chain cyber risks

    Many companies are not equipped to operationalize their supply chain risk programs on their own. SecurityScorecard MAX is the next evolution of supply chain cyber risk management and is laser-focused on delivering business and cybersecurity outcomes. MAX leverages AI, risk & threat telemetry, and elite cybersecurity experts to effectively improve the cybersecurity posture of your supply chain.

How MAX works

MAX identifies risky vendors

MAX leverages a likelihood of incident model to identify critical vulnerabilities across 17 security categories to determine which issues are likely to result in an incident. In real-time, customers can see their vendor risk profile in the MAX dashboard.

MAX prioritizes & remediates vulnerabilities

Using SecurityScorecard’s world-class data and technology, MAX identifies and prioritizes risk and then remediates critical issues across your entire supply chain.

MAX lets you know how vendors are performing

Leveraging SecurityScorecard’s trusted security ratings, MAX continuously monitors vendors to determine if their cyber hygiene is improving or declining. Based on your workflows, MAX can work directly with vendors to improve their security posture and their score.

MAX enables you to tell your supply chain cyber risk story

Zoom in and zoom out to understand how MAX is helping your business. MAX’s powerful reporting capabilities will impress your C-suite colleagues and board.

MAX handles end-to-end vendor management & communication

MAX streamlines timely vendor management and communication. MAX works directly with vendors to remediate and resolve them to improve their cybersecurity posture. All communications are readily available in the MAX dashboard. Alternatively, MAX can support your vendor risk team if you choose to manage vendor communications yourself.

The MAX Team

  • Vendor Risk Operations Center (vROC)

    The vROC is SecurityScorecard’s team of cybersecurity practitioners that delivers MAX either directly to customers or in support of MAX franchise partners. With experience in cyber risk, investigations, threat hunting, and incident response, vROC is a tested and proven solution for customer looking to elevate their supply chain cyber risk management program with an end-to-end solution.

  • MAX Franchise Partners

    MAX franchise partners are certified to deliver the same amazing results as SecurityScorecard’s vROC. You have the flexibility to choose the MAX partner you want with tier-two support provided by SecurityScorecard’s team. Partners can build on top of the MAX service with their own unique services stack.


Fully managed, fully operationalized supply chain cyber risk management

Key benefits

  • Be the Hero: Become the secret weapon for delivering bulletproof cybersecurity defenses by relying on MAX supply chain risk experts to protect your supply chain.
  • Take Control of Cyber Risk: MAX puts you back in control without getting into the weeds of vendor communications and monitoring.
  • Network Effects: When MAX identifies and remediates a vulnerability in the supply chain, the problem is fixed for all connected parties. This makes MAX the global hub for cross-industry cyber risk communication & resolution.

  • Rely on our experts

    MAX solves for the cybersecurity talent gap, enabling you to put your team on other critical projects

  • Gain efficiencies

    Save time and money by letting us take care of vendor management and communication

  • Reduce your cyber risk

    MAX identifies and remediates critical vulnerabilities that could otherwise leave you exposed

  • Be a champion to your board

    Leverage real-time, easy-to-understand reporting and enable your security leaders to communicate their success

Key benefits

  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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Hear From Our Customers

  • End-to-End Vendor Management, Communications, & Remediation

    Expert-driven, fully-managed solution focused on outcomes

    Includes everything from GOLD, plus:
    Initial and Quarterly Vendor Likelihood of Incident Assessment
    Direct vendor interaction and remediation
    Complete cyber risk vendor management and communication
    End-to-end cybersecurity questionnaire management

  • Critical Vendor Issues Management & Enhanced Platform Support

    Co-managed solution customized to your business needs

    Includes everything from SILVER, plus:
    Platform configuration
    Vendor invitation and onboarding
    Initial/Semi-Annual Vendor Likelihood of Incident Assessment
    Daily signal monitoring and reporting
    Early detection and warning of potential zero-days (ZDaaS)

  • Non-Critical Vendor Management & Monitoring

    Watch list, continuous monitoring, and weekly reporting

    Initial and Annual Vendor Likelihood of Incident Assessment
    Weekly alert monitoring and reporting along with monthly cyber hygiene updates per vendor with analysis

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