API Connectors

Data and analytics are a pillar of our platform.

Technology companies, insurers, ratings agencies, security teams, and more leverage SecurityScorecard’s outside-in perspective to enhance their cyber acuity.

SecurityScorecard has developed the most sophisticated data collection and attribution capabilities in the industry. We collect terabytes of data on hundreds of thousands of entities worldwide and we have forward-based threat intelligence capabilities delivered through our proprietary sensor network which spans the globe. Our data science and machine learning capabilities turn that telemetry into intelligence that can be used to identify risks and prevent exploits. Through API Connectors, we make this data consumable by technology companies, insurers, rating agencies, security teams and more.

API Connectors Dashboard

Connect to four levels of data, easily accessible through our APIs.

Level 1:

Security Ratings

High level security ratings that give you instant insight into the security posture of your third and fourth parties.

Sender Policy Framework Record

Level 2:

Factor grade and number of findings

The platform provides you with specific information across 10 risk factors as well as the number of findings.

Cybersecurity Ratings Score History Tracking

Level 3:

List of the issues with severity

Issues give you specific information on potential vulnerabilities and exploits as well as severity.

Security Ratings Score Breakdown

Level 4:

Data collection and attribution

Telemetry that we have collected from our proprietary collections capabilities and that has been ingested and mapped using our machine learning-driven attribution engine

Use Cases:

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology providers

Vendor Risk Management (VRM) technology providers

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Data Service Bureaus, Advisory firms and Ratings Agencies

Incident Response and Forensics technology providers

Internal Security Analytics Solutions (SIEM)

Cyber Insurance underwriting

SecurityScorcard provides unprecedented visibility into vulnerabilities and exploits across a global ecosystem of enterprises, vendors, and government agencies. Discover how Connectors can help your business improve the security posture of the customers you serve as well as improve your internal security capabilities.

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