Bennett Morrison

SVP, Product and Strategy

Bennett Morrison is a seasoned product and strategy leader with over a decade of experience in the B2B SaaS industry. Bennett was the first Vice President of Product for SecurityScorecard, and is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. Bennett excels in developing innovative products and strategies that drive business success and customer satisfaction. His expertise spans customer-driven strategy and customer-centered marketing, with a proven track record of leading product teams to create solutions that delight users and generate solid business results. Bennett’s career highlights include roles such as Chief Product Officer at Stella Jobs, where he launched multiple successful products and guided the company to a successful exit, and Vice President of Product at Laika, where he spearheaded a new product architecture that contributed to significant revenue growth and a successful funding round.

Throughout his career, Bennett has been recognized for his achievements with honors such as the President’s Achievement Award and a Star Performer Award. Bennett’s diverse experience includes leading product management and strategy at renowned companies like Oracle, Watermark, and American Express, where he has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive product innovation, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional results. He holds an B.A. from NYU and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.