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Liberty Mutual Insurance has partnered with SecurityScorecard to give you complimentary access to the SecurityScorecard cybersecurity ratings platform, where you can enhance your risk monitoring capabilities and engage in data-driven risk mitigation strategies.

Through this partnership, you will have access to premium features, including detailed reporting, automation rules and advanced integrations.

What are SecurityScorecard Ratings?

Security ratings are an objective, data-driven, quantifiable measurement of an organization’s overall cybersecurity performance communicated in a universally understood ratings scale from A through F.

An organization with an F rating is 7.7x more likely to suffer a consequential breach versus an A-rated organization.

Signing up gets you immediate access:
  • Gain an in-depth basic understanding of your cybersecurity posture and highlight the issues that impact your rating with limited access to follow up to 5 companies.
  • Prioritize issues that will help your company improve its cybersecurity rating using Score Planner.
  • Invite team members to join SecurityScorecard for free to help uncover the risks posed to the organization.
  • Effectively communicate risk to your board and other key stakeholders with prepared reports that are easy to understand.
  • Explore pre-built integrations to optimize your security workflows, access more security intelligence and accelerate risk mitigation with Marketplace.
  • Improve your cybersecurity health with access to activity and remediation logs and admin controls for your own Scorecard.
  • History of your own Scorecard grade over time.
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