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Deven Sharma

Deven Sharma is an accomplished business leader in data, information, analytics, and technology-enabled service businesses. He invests in tech and data-enabled businesses as a Venture Investor and teaming up with Private Equity. He served as the President of Standard & Poor’s, Head of Global Strategy and M&A at The McGraw-Hill Companies, Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, Chairman of S&P US & Europe Board, Chairman of Crisil an Indian Public Company, and Member of 800 Flowers Board. He has a Ph.D. from Ohio State University.

Deven invests in and incubates next-generation information-enabled companies. He founded InfleXon (, an advisory firm focused on risk governance, globalization, and innovation in information and analytics technology-enabled service markets. He serves as a Fellow of Connection Science @MIT Media Lab.

Deven’s experience spans information markets, financial services, consumer products, and consumer and professional services. In information markets, his experience extends across vertical sectors in financial, legal, governance and risk compliance, health, energy, and market intelligence, as well as in education and media. Deven, as an operating leader, corporate M&A/strategist, and management consultant, led and advised many organizations through strategic transformation, global expansion, organic growth, acquisitions, and product innovation. Transforming companies through market, technology, regulatory, policy, and economic disruption is at the core of his experience.

Deven Sharma
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